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Welcome to Crane Rail Surveys

With decades of both technical and on-site experience in the crane rail industry, Crane Rail Surveys have a wealth of specialist knowledge along with the unique advantage of being truly independent.

We have extensive knowledge and understanding of the specific applications used within the industries listed below.

Each survey is undertaken in such manner to create little or no disruption to on-going productivity, whatever the industry.


• Steelworks
• Ports, Shipyards & Harbours
• Nuclear Facilities
• Container Terminals
• Power Stations
• Automated Warehouses
• Water Treatment Works
• Aluminium Plants
• Concrete Products
• Bulk Terminals

     More About Us

We only use the highest quality surveying equipment including the latest 1" accuracy Total Station technology to ensure the best results and flexibility on site. Targets are designed and made to suit the individual challenges that some sites present, so you can be sure each survey is carried out with maximum accuracy and minimum down time.

We offer a completely independent, professional service which, with all elements combined, can provide a complete solution for crane and rail issues. These may range from excessive wheel and rail wear to subsidence of supporting structures.

As well as performing checks on existing installations, we are able to assist with the setting out of new projects to ensure the structural elements can meet with the tight tolerances required for rail related installations.  Surveys, inspections and videos can be carried out on newly installed cranes and tracks to provide a ‘blue print’ and valuable information should problems arise in the future.

If you have any questions or need advice on any crane and rail related issues, please call or email and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.