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With decades of both technical and on-site experience in the crane rail industry, we have a specialist and comprehensive knowledge of system designs, installations and applications in all the key industries where steel or concrete mounted rails are ulitlised, including...

• Steelworks
• Ports & Harbours
• Nuclear Facilities
• Container Terminals
• Power Stations
• Water Treatment Works
• Automated Warehouses
• Aluminium Plants
• Concrete Products
• Shipyards
• Cement Works
• Bulk Terminals

We only use the highest quality surveying equipment including the latest Total Station technology. This highly accurate instrument is capable of reading angles to an accuracy of one 10,000th of a degree and can measure distances down to a tenth of a millimetre. An exclusively-designed aluminium prism-holder is used to ensure extremely accurate positioning and levelling of the prism above the centre of the rail. This combination of precision equipment brings an unparalleled level of accuracy to your survey results.

To summarise, we offer a completely independent, professional service which identifies horizontal and vertical alignment problems with crane rails and wheels which, left unchecked, can lead to excessive wheel wear or accelerated rail head wear. We also carry out floor level checks on new ground-track installations to identify likely soleplate-grout requirements as well as performing checks on new steelwork for overhead crane applications. Other services include visual inspections covering rail condition, rail joints, fixings and mountings - all key information which can be used as part of an invaluable preventative maintenance strategy.
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